Trains and everything to do with trains has become a big part of our everyday lives, whether you are a commuter, student, trainspotter ,or weekend traveller, travelling by trains is a great experience but sometimes even the simplest journey can become a nightmare.this blog was created to make people who travel by train enjoy the experience.In the UK, we have overground and underground trains and in a few cities we even have tram cars no matter what we do we can’t get away from trains.In 1807, the first passenger train was started, it was a simple horse-drawn carriage taking passengers from

Swansea to Oystermouth. In 1825, the first passenger steam train ran from the Mason’s Arms a pub in Shildon to Darlington it took about two hours to complete 12 miles.In the UK, we have electric and diesel trains, steam trains is no longer in use for passenger service but there is the occasionally charter service that takes passenger along the coast from up north to down south.